Venue for weddings, funeral luncheons, birthday and anniversary parties, stag and does etc.
On site caterer for weddings, funeral luncheons etc.
Caterers: Steve Sharpe and Bill Hudson
Excellent reputation for fine food.
Various menu options available for all events. Contact Chris Wolfe for further information. 519 627-2401.
Able to accommodate a variety of hall set ups.
Contact information available for decorators.
CBD representative available for all weddings to take care of all of your wedding needs.
Round tables available.
Wheelchair accessible.
Elevator to Ballroom.
Food available downstairs in the lounge.
Entertainment every Friday and Saturday night.
Karaoke every Thursday evening from 8pm-midnight
Euchre every Wednesday starting at 1pm.
Monthly youth dances-grades 5-8 from 7pm-9:30
Archery Shooting every Wednesday and Saturday-7pm-10pm
Zumba classes available Monday evenings