In the Lounge/Ballroom:


October 30th –Homeward Star Search week 5 qualifying round
October 31st–Halloween Party with the Mammals-prizes for best costumes
November 6th–Karaoke
November 4th–Quarter Auction–Museum
November 6th–Homeward Star Search Semi-Finals
November 7th–Rocking Ronny Tack
November 12th–Karaoke
November 13th–Homeward Star Search Semi-Finals
November 14th–AM 70's Band–classic rock (new band)
November 19th–Karaoke
November 20th–Star Search Finals–secial half-time show
November 21st–Classic Vibe
November 26th–Karaoke

Special Events:

November 14th–Christmas Parade
November 20th–10th Annual Homeward Star Search in the Ballroom